Blackwell Uncovered
Blackwell Uncovered
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When we started out we had a vision for a new, free and clear Blackwell.  One without lies, self dealings, and secret meetings.  One without contamination looming in the minds of the our children's mothers and the ones left behind after family and friends die from cancer ridden bodies.  This web site is privately operated as a memorial to the ones that came and left, for the fights that were fought and to be had, and the generations to come who deserve to know.

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Blackwell's Institutional Controls

August 28, 2012 Letter to EPA Superfund regarding Institutional Controls

Nov. 2011 - Letter sent to EPA Region 6 Safe Drinking Water Section

Kay Co. Commissioners vs Freeport McMoRan  "Original Petition"
Case No. CJ-2012-74

Freeport Request for Case to be removed to Federal Court Case No. CJ-2012-74

Notice of Claims Against City of Blackwell

New fox 25 OKC Report "Settlement Dispute"

Oct. 2010 - letter to EpA Region 6 Administrator

June 2011 - Second Letter to EPA Region 6 Administrator for non-Response

June 2011 - Response to EPA Region 6 Superfund Director

Aug. 2011 - Response from EPA Region 6 Superfund Director

Nov. 2011 - Letter sent to EPA Region 6 Water Enforcement Branch CWA Violations

Nov. 2011 - Letter sent to EPA Region 6 Hazardous Waste Enforcement Branch RE: Unregulated RCRA Hazardous Waste

Nov. 2011 - Petition for Preliminary Assessment of Smelter Waste in Kansas sent to EPA Region 7

Jan. 2012 - Letter sent to NIOSH regarding unsafe working conditions of City of Blackwell Employees

Watch: Fox 25 Oklahoma City Report "Blackwell Uncovered"

Fox 25 Oklahoma City Report "Blackwell Uncovered" Part 2

Fox 25 Oklahoma City Report "Possible Lawsuit Against the City of Blackwell"

Coffey vs. Freeport Class Action Settlement Injunction Filed 2-6-2012

Pepper vs. Them
A Comprehensive Report on Blackwell's Historical Corruption

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The ODEQ stands behind it's motto,
"It's clean until you get caught."
Pictured above is a yard COMPLETELY covered in smelter waste.

"Patriotism is not short, frenzied outburst of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." - Adlai Stevenson

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