Blackwell Uncovered
27 Acre RR Property

Memo from ODEQ about the BNSF Railroad property Visible Smelter Waste

Complaint about dust Railroad property during the remedation of the Site

Approx. 3 months after our visit to the Region 6 office of the Environmental Protection Agency, and 35 years after the Zinc Smelter shut down, the 27 Acres owned by BNSF was cleaned up by a company out of Ft. Worth, Environmental Management Resoursces.  The property was home to several piles of smelter debris and was one of our major concerns when we went to the EPA.  Bad, Bad stuff like darco dust, which was a really fine power and was loaded with lead, arsenic, cadmium, antimony, mercury, copper, zinc, germanium, bismuth, silver, and selenium.

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