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The Purpose of this document is to provide the public with an index to the Administrative Record File (AR File) for the selected remedial action to respond to the conditions at the Blackwell Zinc Site (Site) located in Blackwell OK.

Section 113 (k)(1) of CERCLA, 42 USC 9613 (k)(1), requires the establishment of an AR Upon which the selection of remedial actions shall be based.  As decisions are being made regarding the course of action at a site of release of hazardous substances, documents concering the site and the remedial action decision are compiled into an AR File.  This means that documents may be added to the AR File from time to time.  After finalization and signature of the Action Memorandum or Record of Decision memorializing the selection of the remedial action, the documents that from the basis for the selection of the action constiute the AR. 

Section 113 (k)(1) of CERCLA, 42 USC Section 9613 (k)(1), requires that AR File to be made available to the public at or near the site of the remedial action.  Accouingly, a repository where the AR File may be reviewed has been established near the Site at:

Blackwell Public Library 123 W. Padon Ave.

The AR file may also be reviewed at the office of the ODEQ.

707 N. Robinson, 6th Floor Central Records
Oklahoma City

The File

1. Screening Site Inspecion Work Plan of Blackwell Zinc, February 19, 1991.

2. Proposed Phase II Activites at Blackwell OK, July 1992.

3. Consent Agreement Final Order, December 11, 1992.

4. Soil Consolidation Plan Washington School and Betty-Rodgers Park, April 1993
5. Expanded Groundwater Investigation, June 1993.

6. Results Phase II Expanded Groundwater Investigation, July 1993.

7. Results of Soil Screening Activities, Blackwell OK December 1993.

8. USEPA & ODEQ Memorandum of Understanding, 1994.

9. Results of the Expanded Soil Screening Activites, April 1994.

10. Community Relations Plan, August 1994.

11. Site Investigation Work Plan, October 1994.

12. Results of Study Area Investigation and Action Alternatives, July 1995.

13. Blackwell Zinc Site, Proposed Plan, July 10, 1995.

14. Final Remedial Design Report, May 1997.

15. Eccological Remediation Plan, September 1997.

16. Ecological Remediation ROD, April 1998.

17. Railroad Spur Remediation Work, December 22, 1998.

18. Blackwell Industrial Authority Site Maintenance Plan, May 17, 1993.

19. Quality Assurance Project Plan Shallow Soil Remedial Action Former Right-of-Way, 27 Acres, and Switching Yard.

20. First Five Year Review

21. Focused Feasibility Study, Blackwell Zinc Site, Groundwater Remediation Unit.

22. Groundwater Remediation Proposed Plan.

23. GRU, Record of Decision.

24. Results Phase I Grundwater Investigation.

25. Revised Perimeter Air Monitoring Procedures.

26. Revised Shallow Soil Investigation and Monitoring Well Installation

27. Revised Shallow Soil Investigation Work Plan - Switching Yard

28. Revised Supplemental Shallow Soil Investigation Work Plan, June 7, 2004.

29. Revised Proposed Plan for the Groundwater Remediation Unit, July 19, 2003.

30. Record of Decision Document Soil Remediation Unit, April 4, 1996.

31. Shallow Soil Investigation and Monitoring Well Installation.

32. Shallow Soil Investigation Report - Switching Yard, October 2003.

33. Shallow Soil Investigation Work Plan - Swithcing Yard, March 2003.

34. Shallow Soil Investigation Report - ROW and 27  Acres, May 2003.

35. Shallow Soil Remedial Action Work Plan, July 2005.

36. Supplimental Shallow Soil Investigation Report, January 2005.

37. Supplemental Shallow Soil Investigation Work Plan, March 2004.

38. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Contruction Activities.

39. Waste Site, Blackwell Industial Development Authority, Blackwell OK.

40. Final Remedial Design Calculations

41. Data Report Study Area Action Alternatives

42. Revised B-2 Channel Design Calculations Brief

43. Proposed Phase I Groundwater Investigation Project

44. Remedial Design Report

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