Blackwell Uncovered

Now available for your viewing, the entire "Freedom of Information" request from the EPA.  This information took many phone calls and three months to get. So, enjoy!

Blackwell City Charter

Watch: 1st Blackwell Public Trust Meeting

Read: The Blackwell Public Trust Indenture

(Were the $54 Million Dollar Settlement Money Went)

Kay Co. Commissioner and
District Attoney Debate
Gibson vs. Hermanson MOVIE!

2006 International Code Meeting
City sends in "idiots" to disturb the meeting! - Must See!
Very Very good Information!

Feb. 18, 2010
Nix Patterson Class-Action Lawsuit Update Meeting

Feb. 4, 2010 Special Meeting on $54 Million  Settlement with Freeport

City $54 Million Settlement Agreement with Freeport

1956 Blackwell Movie with Blackwell Zinc Footage

Blackwell Zinc's HRS Package

Rural Blackwell Drink Water Warning 

Tom Spence (Hero) and the ODEQ
1st Citizen Lawsuit Against Freeport

2nd Citizens Lawsuit Against Freeport

City of Blackwell vs. Freeport

1.9 Million BIA Settlement

Complete 1976 Poe and Associates' Report

Don Shandy's Invoices to the City of Blackwell

Eagle Iron Preliminary Assessment

Greg's New Power Point Presentation

City of Blackwell threatens to Sue Freeport

Don Shandy's Contract w/ the City of Blackwell

Shane Frye's Letter of Resignation

Shane Frye's 5 Year Review (BS)

Railroad Clean-Up and Smelter Debris found at New School

Trip to Picher OK

Freedom of Information Request EPA

The Leslie Interview

 The City Special Meeting on Contamination 2-24-09

Positive Pressure Movie

Visible Evidence of Waste on the Blackwell Zinc Superfund Site

Visible Evidence of Waste - II

Heavy Metals Part I

Niton Demo

Menzer ask City of Blackwell to Quick Claims Deed BIDA Property

BIA Settles for 1.9 Million Dollars

Daily Oklahoman Blackwell Zinc Newspaper Articles


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader program in order to view the documents.  The file is 1 GB in its whole so you will need at least 2 GB to download it.  When it is downloaded, you will need to unzip the file....

I am sorry that this is soooo complicated, but if you give it a try and you give up, come by GET REAL CABLE at 1004 W. Doolin with $20.00 and I will burn you a DVD to use at home.

1. Click the link above.
2. Once you have the file unzip it.

3. Open the unzipped file and at the bottom, click on META Pages. From there you can look through all the document titles.

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