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Blackwell Municipal Authority

The Blackwell Municipal Authority was created in 1980 by the City of Blackwell, to go and get the City "Revenue Bonds".  The City of Blackwell could not get "Revenue Bonds", because the laws at the time would not allow municipalities to apply for revenue bonds.  In order for the new Blackwell Municipal Authority to apply for the revenue bonds, they had to have the revenue producing utilities of the City of Blackwell to back the bonds.  The City failed to win the vote of the people in 1980 to lease the utilities to the BMA.  In 1981, the City attempted it again, and won the lease for the BMA.  Since that time, we have had this division in the City Government. 

The State of Oklahoma has abolished the law that would not allow the City to apply for Revenue Bonds, so it makes the existence of the BMA obsolete

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