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ATSDR/CDC Contact and Question Form

Under CERCLA (The Superfund Act) Congress created the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry "ATSDR" to provide information on toxic substances in our environment.  Above is a link to their website.  Under 42 USC. 9604 (i) (6) (B), the ATSDR can preform a Public Heath Assessment under two cercumstances.  

1. When a Superfund Site is preposed for the National Priorties List (NPL). 
"A Superfund Site can be preposed to the NPL when it scores on the Hazardous Ranking Score (HRS) of 28.50 or more Blackwell had an overall Score of 70.71.  But our site was defered to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality before the site could be preposed to the NPL."

2.  When a citizen petitions the ATSDR and request for a public health assessment to be conducted.

The HRS Summary Narrative 

The Blackwell Zinc Superfund Site HRS Score

Oklahoma's HRS Scores for Superfund Sites
We Rank #1 in Oklahoma! More Hazordous than Picher OK!

The United States HRS Scores for Superfund Sites
We Rank #13 in the Nation! 

The ATSDR's First Feelings towards to Blackwell HRS Score

 Cover Letter to the ATSDR Petition Coordinator (November 17, 2009)

The Public Health Assessment Petiton for Blackwell OK (November 17, 2009)

Responce to the Public Health Assessment Petition from ATSDR (December 11, 2009)

CERCLA Law that Governs the ATSDR

Bartlesville OK Public Health Assessment

Picher (Tar Creek) OK Public Health Assessment

ATSDR Approvel Letter for Public Health Assessment for Blackwell OK

ATSDR Contact and Question Information

Fill out the form below, and submit it to us.  We will collect as many questions for the ATSDR's Public Health Assessment Team, prior to them coming to Blackwell, OK.  All information is confidental until it is presented to the ATSDR, prior to there arrival.  This information will be very helpful to the ATSDR, to determine who needs to be contacted, and to help them address everyone concerns about the Blackwell Zinc Smelter.

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