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Here it is, the letter that Shane Frye wrote to us during the 2008 Kay Co. Fair.  This later went on to become a grand jury question, because of the way the letter was presented to us (broke into our booth and taped it to our sign after the fair closed and everyone went home) and how he attempted to stop the local Blackwell cable tv company from telling the citizens of Blackwell how we were doing on our signature collecting for our grand jury.  

Blackwell Chamber of Commerce violates citizens civil rights 

It is unsure who was complaining about us telling people on TV how many signatures we had.  The Cable company never receive any phone calls complaining about it, nor were we ever approached by anyone who told us that they disagreed with our actions.  3,199 Signature are not easy to collect in only 45 days, and we were along with many others were thrilled over the amount of public support for our Grand Jury Petition.  We wanted to thank them.  Perhapses Shane Frye and the Blackwell Chamber of Commerce were just trying to protect the interest of the City of Blackwell.   Remember, the Blackwell Chamber of Commerce contracts with the City of Blackwell, and receives a BIG check from them every year. 

Good News
Shane Frye is Long Gone October 15, 2009
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