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Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

In 1992 the US Environmental Protection Agency was having difficultly addressing all of the Superfund Sites under its jurisdiction.  So the EPA wanted to preform a serie of Pilot Programs as a way to reform the current Superfund program.  In 1993, the EPA address several states in the union for interested parties/site for the pilot program.  The State of Oklahoma offered Blackwell Zinc as a good candidate for the program.  In order for the State of Oklahoma to participate in the pilot, the State needed to reorganize it environmental regulation and coordinate all environmental regulation under one roof, by establishing the ODEQ in 1992.  This is describe  on the left.

EPA Doc. "State Remedy Selection Reform Closeout Report"

Pages from EPA Doc. "Superfund Administrative Improvements Closeout Report June 23,1993 - September 30, 1994"

EPA Doc. "Guidance on Deferral of NPL Listing Determinations While States Oversee Response Actions" 5-3-1995

Prior to the development of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ), most of the regulatory oversite of environmental issues were address by the

Oklahoma State Department of Health,

the Oklahoma Water Resources Board,

 the Oklahoma Corporation Commission,

 the State Department of Agriculture,
the Oklahoma Conservation

 the Department of Wildlife Conservation,
and the Department of Mines.

In an emergency clause of the State in June 12, 1992 the State of Oklahoma created the ODEQ with the Oklahoma Environmental Quality Act Title 27A Section 1-1-101.  This act was used to:

- Provide that environmental regulatory concerns of industry and the public shall be addressed in an expedient manner;

- Improve the manner in which citizens complaints are tracked and resolved;

-Better utilize state financial resources for environmental regulatory service; and

-Coordinate environmental activities of the state environmental agencies.

After this act, the Oklahoma State Department of Healths activities in regulating landfills, hazardous waste sites, etc. were transferred to the ODEQ.

On July 1, 1993 the State passed the Oklahoma Environmental Quality Code Title 27A Section 2-1-101.  This code regulates the actions of the ODEQ.

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