Blackwell Uncovered

ODEQ Records

Ever since the Earth Cooled, we have been fighting with the ODEQ to search records for us, yet they have told us that they do not search records. This proved to be problem in our minds.  Not only was it a violation of the Oklahoma Open Records Act, but could prove to be a costly pursuit for the people of Blackwell to travel to Oklahoma City and search for records themselves.  This was an unreasonable expectation that State of Oklahoma placed on the people of Blackwell.  So, here you go, we will be adding documents to page that will eventually add up to the 16 boxes of the Blackwell Zinc File at Central Records. 

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Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Blackwell Zinc Files
(Not to mistaken for the Administrative Record File)

As you know, we requested the HRS package from the EPA on August 6, 2009, but upon review of some ODEQ legal files, we came across a letter in which the ODEQ argues with the EPA not to release the package.

The Letter

In the letter, the Barbara Rauch of the ODEQ argues to the Jim Costello of the EPA that if the EPA released the HRS Package to the "mining company" they (the mining company) could use the information in the HRS Package to lower the score of the HRS to a point that the Blackwell Zinc Site would no longer qualify for placement on the National Priorities Listing.  But, the argument was idiotic due to the fact that we would love to see the "mining company" lower the score of 70.71 to a safe 28.49.  This is a task of insurmountable odds.  

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