Blackwell Uncovered
Picher OK

We took a trip to Picher OK, to understand what it was like for another Superfund site like ours.  We met with several nice residents of Picher.  We also asked them if they could help us find some of the ore that was mined from their area, because most of the residents in Blackwell Ok have never seen ore before it had be milled or refined by the smelter.  They gave us what they had left, saying that most of the ore had been cleaned up and was gone.  We made a movie of our trip.

Our Trip to Picher OK Movie

Huge chat piles are made from all of the rock pulled from the mines that did not contain lead ore, yet these piles contained lead dust that would blow towards town.

Above and below are images of giant concrete pillars that mark the openings to the mines.

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