Blackwell Uncovered
Smelter Debris and the New School

School had just started, Greg and myself wanted to see the new school and maybe take some pictures of it.  We had already been out most of the day testing with our Niton X-Ray Device on the City easement of the Railroad property. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality were coming to Blackwell that day to inspect the progress of the Railroad property clean up.  We had already talked to them about some concerns of ours, and were waiting for them to come back from their "appointment".  Sooo.... to waste some time, we took a drive to the New Multi-Million Dollar School to see how it looked.  Thats when we found this.  (See Pictures Above, Below and don't forget the Movie).

Railroad Property Clean-Up and Smelter Debris by the New School Movie

Kay County Grand Jury Question
Dumping Contaminated School Land into the
Chickaska River (*Question Has School Land Test Results)

Keep going, there is still more!

Why is Smelter Debris a Problem?
Because, our smelter debris averages heavy metal contents of Lead from 300 ppm to 18,000 ppm, Arsenic from 25 ppm to 1,000 ppm, and Cadmium from 25 ppm to 500 ppm.
Some of the other Elements (but definitely not all) Present in the Debris are; Barium, Chromium, Antimony.
The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality doesn't believe that debris present on the service of the ground is as big as a danger as the soil or dust exposure for children.  We disagree.  Smelter Debris like the ones about can be broken down into smaller pieces, and are still a threat.  Plus, one can assume that if it is on top of the ground and buried in the soil, then what is in the soil?  Could it be as toxic as the debris?

ODEQ also goes on to say that after Shaw (Freeport McMoran's remediation contractor) finishes with the residential soil clean-up, the commercial properties will be addresses next, then the ODEQ will ask Freeport McMoran to develop a "Visible Waste" plan.  We personally don't see Shaw getting to that for another 3 years or (2012).





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