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The Kay County Grand Jury

    The Kay County Grand Jury of 2008 was the brain child of a small citizens group in Blackwell Oklahoma called Taxpayers For Transparency LLC. The group met for about a year, pouring over documents, articles and stories that told how and why things came to be.  The group realized that they had all the information to show that there was reason to be upset with their local government, but not enough resources to act civilly.  They explored every avenue, legal council, State Representatives, Newspapers, even their own District Attorney but, they had yet to see any meaning full results.  One day they stumbled across the text of the Oklahoma Constitution that stated citizens just like them could petition for a Grand Jury in their county to review their complaints. 

    Afterwords, the group, Taxpayers for Transparency hired an attorney from Vinita Oklahoma to help file the petition with the Kay County Courthouse.  A book was constructed to bring the most important allegations to the Judge.  Judge Vasser had to decide if the causes brought to him by the group were strong enough to allow Taxpayers for Transparency to collect signatures from Kay County citizens.  Judge Vasser allowed the group to collect signatures even after Mark Gibson, the Kay County District Attorney, tried to stop the Grand Jury process, stating that the accusations were civil in nature and not criminal.
    For 45 days the group collected signatures.  They collected from Nardin, Tonkawa, Blackwell, Newkirk, and Ponca City.  By the end of the 40th day they had collected approx. 3000 signatures and they only needed 2104.
    December 9, 2008 was the date set for the convening of the Grand Jury. So, from November 1, 2008 to December 5, 2008 the group worked together to correlate 53 separate allegations against the City of Blackwell and its entities.  They worked 16 hours everyday for that month in front of computers and with their documents.
    Unfortunately, the Grand Jury did not go as planned. After all the work, time and effort put forth to resolve the oppression of the Blackwell City government on its citizens, the Grand Jury reviewed a total of 80 allegations in 7 days and determined that there were no indictments to be had, and if there was they had no jurisdiction to indict.

*Note all of the questions and evidence was obtain through the Oklahoma Open Records Act and other public methods such as the Internet and free sources.

In good spirits of our little operation worked to correlate our 53 allegations. We named our headquarters the "Law Offices of Dewey Cheatem and Howe".  The sign was made by a local citizen who hung it in his shop, till it was removed by an "anonymous" individual who did not find any humor in it.  So it was donated to our cause. Thanks.

Greg Deffner's Response to the Final Report of the Kay Co. Grand Jury.

Greg Deffner is a managing member of Get LLC Real Cable in Blackwell Ok, who is in his own fight with the City of Blackwell to keep his franchise.  A cable franchise is an ordinance that allows Get Real Cable to use the right of ways of the City.  Without it Get Real Cable cannot operate. *Note See page on Get Real Cable's Franchise Fight for more information. (Coming Soon) The following is a Microsoft Power Point Presentation that can be viewed on your computer. If you do not have Power Point, you can download a Power Point Viewer at

Gregs Power Point Presentations

To view the entire text of the Grand Jury Book that was used to bring the Kay Co. Grand Jury into action.

The Big Blue Book

In 2005, Garfield County District Attorney was called in to investigate a Oklahoma Open Meetings Violation that occurred at Kay County.  In the investigation, the DA found that the Kay Co. Commissioner had violated the law 112 times.  To find out more click the link below.

Garfield County DA finds Kay Co. Commissioners violated law 112 times 

Oklahoma Attorney General, 2000 OK AG 15, which states that " A law prohibiting a grand jury witness form disclosing his own testimony after the grand jury's term has ended was held Unconstitutional as violating the First Amendment in Butterworth v. Smith, 494 U.S. 624 (1990)."

Our 55 Question out of the total 80 Submitted to the Kay Co. Grand Jury.

133 FEMA Fund

Amended Budgets and the State Auditor

Attorney Fees in Open Record Request

BIA Makes Citizens Wait Outside in Cold

BIA Charges Search Fee

BIA and Executive Sessions

BIA Lying About Toxicity of BIP

BIA takes $875,000 to say BIP is Clean

BMA and Executive Sessions

BMA and the Steelman Building

BMA has no Regular Scheduled time for Meetings

Braman Bridge and Failure to Repair

City and it being Codified

City and the Franchise Fee Tax

City BIA and ODEQ endanger workers in BIP

City Manager has more powers then the Charter Allows

City Not Making Phelps Dodge pay for Sewer

City Slander Get Real Cable

City's Executive Sessions

City's Special Meeting violates Ord.2693

Civil Rights and the Kay Co. Fair

Closed Door Meetings

Conflict of Interest GC Concrete

Conflict of Interest Grossart

Conflict of Interest with the Tourism Board

Conspire to Harm the Public the Environmental Cleanup

Contaminated Sludge

Water Bottling Plant on Contaminated Site

Council's Newspaper Ad

Cox's City Sales Tax

Denton's Landfill

Depriving Health and Safety due to not Compiling with CERCLA

Dumping Contaminated Dirt into the Chickasia

Environmental Clean Up Fund

Fraud on BMA's Series 2008 Bonds

Judge Boyd overseeing the Grand Jury

Hiring Contract Labor in Executive Sessions

Mark Gibson and Breaking his Oath of Office

Mark Gibson attempts to stop Kay Co. Grand Jury

Mike Loftis and the BIA Insurance

Mike Loftis and the Conflict of Interest

No Agendas to be Sent to Reporters

Not Bidding Financial Adviser Work

Not Posting Meetings Correctly

ODEQ violates the rights of the Citizens of Blackwell

Purchases over $25,000

Ross Cline and his Hay Bales

Sally Norris and Jim Willis Working After Hours

Sally Norris and the OMPA Duel Office

Sally Norris and the OMPA Conflict of Interest

Selective Enforcement Campaign

TCA Cable One's Bribe to the City

The Police Department

Williams' Chamber Meetings

The Wrongful Death of Jessie Kindle

The Willis Question

Jim Willis has a long history with the City of Blackwell.  He worked at the Blackwell Zinc Co. Smelter Plant until his became a City Council Member. Later he was picked to be the City's 1st City Manager.  After serving as city manager he continued to work for the City as a "City Engineer". But after obtaining his time tickets and employment contract, questions were raised...Why was the City paying this man to do odd jobs at engineering rates, that other city employees could do? Other city employees were already being paid to do jobs he was billing for. So you decide. Below is the total collection of Jim Willis Time Tickets that were obtained through the Oklahoma Open Record Act.

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