Blackwell Uncovered
The Players

The Good Guys

A few of the individules that we have determined to be involved in  events that surrounded the Blackwell Zinc Superfund Site.

The Blackwell Oklahoma Community Foundation Inc.
Formed by DW Boyd, James R. Rodgers, and Eugene Braly. 

Jim Willis
Metallurgist for AMAX, City Manager, City Engineer, Council Member for the City of Blackwell, Ad Hoc Member

Patrick E. Lee
EECI Manager for AMEX, the Phelps Dodge Ad Hoc Member

D.W. Boyd
City Attorney, Judge, BIA Attorney that Hired EECI

Scott Thompson
 Past Employee of State Department of Health, ODEQ, Ad Hoc Member
Letter to the City of Blackwell
November 14, 1997

Monte Elder
Replaced by Sara Downard

Ky Nichols
EPA Project Director

Candy Thompson
City Grant Writer, PR Person for Phelps Dodge

Kelly Dixon

Sara Downard

Mark Cordell
Current Blackwell Mayor, past BIA Trustee in 1992 that hired AMEX to do Testing

Barbara Rauch
ODEQ Council

Carla Sandy
Owner of Hometown Reality til 2005, signed BIA as Responsible Party in CAFO in 1992

Joe Flynn
Engineer, EMC2

Paul Muegge
Senator, Employee/Spokesman Phelps Dodge

Walter Shields
Exponent Enviromental

Drake Rice
Built Frog Pond, Covered up reason for it.  OMPA orignal employee.

Michael Brown
Founder of OMPA, FEMA Director
Report by

Joe Allbaugh
FEMA Director, Introduced Shaw to $750 Million in contracts and helped put Michael Brown in FEMA
"Unholy Trinity: Katrina, Allbaugh and Brown" by Russ Baker

We were told nothing about the contamination, other then it was not as bad as suspected, the dirt can not hurt you, its safe to eat, and there is no contaminates on the site but zinc and its not harmful, the EPA's HRS score was never disclosed to the public, the ODEQ and the BIA went along with AMAX in not telling the truth, and focused its efforts to build jobs and endanger the workers, and inhabitants of the town.  Furthermore we believe a criminal investigation should be conducted on five people who spearheaded the cover-up.  In addition, four agencies, firms, should be sued. W.O.M.B. 

Cover Up and Conflict of Interest!

The Blackwell Industrial Authority (BIA) and the City of Blackwell have had a history of unusual behavior when it comes to the Blackwell Zinc Site.  One would believe that the City and its trust should have the people in its best interest.  The following newspaper articals diminstrate roles "The Players" had in the early stages of the Blackwell Zinc Superfund Cover-up.  Most of all the newspaper articals show major conflicts of intersts when the City and the BIA hires the same companies and attorneys that the Poluting Parties used.  

BIA Sell the Citizens out for $850,000
Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons?!!?

So... What does the ODEQ claim that they have done so far....

Newspaper Articals - Blackwell Journal Tribune

June 18. 1992 Environmental Audit Ordered on BIA Sites
"Weldex presidnent, Tom Spence, had accopanied his offer to buy BIA property with a request for the environmental audit."

August 20, 1992 BIA, Weldex signs pact on Zinc Problems
"BIA Attorney D.W. Boyd pointed out no other elements were found in the survey. 'Zinc is not a toxic waste' - D.W. Boyd

October 20, 1992 EPA Study shows park, school contaminatied
"Bound lead, according to Mackey means it is bound to other particales and is not a danger to anyone. '...even if you ate it (contaminates), it wouldn't digest" - Eileen Mackey Blackwell Mayor

November 19, 1992 BIA gives approval to consent agreement
"BIA Attorney D.W. Boyd explained the consent agreement, in essence, asked cooperation and that Blackwell Zinc was assuming financial responsiblity."

July 20, 1993 Blood lead levels test show no problems
"Blood lead level tests show no problems"

January 12, 1994 Additional soil samples to be taken in Blackwell
"..six areas will be sampled using a highly sophisticated testing device called an X-Ray Florescenct Sampler" - Monty Elder ODEQ

May 6, 1994 Timetable set for smelter site cleanup
"There is some question as to the possiblilty of the environmental steering committee being eligible for the funds ($50,000) because the members of the committee were selected by the mayor."

November 16, 1995 Contamination no as bad as anticipated..Smelter Cleanup update for BIA
"For the most part, levels of contamination in the industrial park are at a point where the ODEQ considers them safe." -Walt Shields PTI Environmental

March 13, 1996 Brief News and Personals
"..bids for industrial site mowing and maintenance of railroad right-of-way."

May 2, 1996 Dirt will fly, ODEQ tells Blackwell
"The soil work is expected to be finished in 1997 and groundwater work, if needed in 1998." - Walt Shields of PTI Environmental Services

May 22, 1996 City tackles meeting issues in quick manner
"The city passed unanimously a motion to apply for a grant through the EPA and the Economical Development Association.  The grant would go toward a study and analysis of the Blackwell Zinc Site and determine its future use for industry."

July 3, 1996 City Updated on Soil Removal, Rail Service
"Ideally, the 'real work' would occur late summer and early fall,...,with full remediation taking around two years."

August 30, 1996 Industrial Park's Future Eyed 
"The hospital and 30-Acre softball park all need to be brought into the mix for a unified image" - Ron Straka

February 6, 1997 Overview given for giant remediation of zinc sites
" EPA field team found smelter residue mixed with top soil throughtout the 160-acre industial park."

March 20, 1997 Officials focus on cleanup of local zinc smelter site
"..the cost of soil removal and acquiring property was about equal." - Patrick Lee Manager of Engneering with Cyprus-AMAX

May 21, 1997 Thomas will contact residents on cleanup options
"Ding Dong. Avon, calling! Nope, not this time. It'll be Candy Thomas."

May 22, 1997 Candy Thomas Explains: Different residental remediation approaches
"All remediation reports are available at Blackwell City Hall"

September 25, 1997 DEQ sets public meeting Tuesday
"The primary areas of concern are the stream which flows through Legion Park and the stream along Furguson Ave."

October 1, 1997 For Legion Park, Furguson Avenue Creeks: Ecological concerns, remedial plan addressed
"Some bare or sparsely vegetated patches in the western portions of the railroad property south of the Site exceeded industrial soil remediation levels and will likely be excavated or capped"   *Yha like 12 years later! Ha Ha Ha*

January 15, 1998  Rail surcharge under consideration by BIA
"Arrangements and legalities already in place for the Brownfield site as determined by the ODEQ, Cyprus-AMAX, and the BIA are firm according to BIA Attorney Brian Wiseman"

July 31, 1998 DEQ calls public meeting Thursday
"The groundwater is not presently a drinking water source for any citizens, nor does it impact the Blackwell Public Water Supply."

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