Blackwell Uncovered
Trip to the Capital

In an attempt to make some changes in Blackwell, we, Greg Deffner and Jessica Pepper, took a trip to see the Secretary of Environment for the State of Oklahoma, J.D. Strong.  It was really an attempt to see the governor of the State of Oklahoma, but we must first make our case to Mr. Strong (just in case we are crazy or something, I suppose not everyone can get into see the governor). Anyways, before we went we sent a complete packet off to both Mr. Strong's office and the Governor's office.  I had worked for several days, putting together a scrapbook to send to the governor's office.  On the cover of the scrapbook was a bright orange letter saying "Please do not ignore us, like so many have before".  Well, I got a call on the day that package was delivered to the governor's office.  The call was from the office of Mr. Strong, to set up an one hour appointment to meet with him in the Governor's chambers at the capital building.  We took lots of pictures and a stack of documents.  Our main goal was to convice him to convice the governor to place the 160 acre site back onto the EPA's National Priority's List.  Two things must happen to place a site on the National Priority's List, (1) a recommendation from the governor, and (2) the completion of the HRS package.  The HRS Package has been completed for the 160 acres Blackwell Zinc Site, but has been considered lost.  Many people have tried to obtain it and have fail. But, we have been successful.  Some how, after all this stink has been raised in Blackwell and we told the Secretary of Environment that it existed, it suddenly returned and is obtainable.  Interesting. 


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